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The Bale Group is a “World Class Organization” that prides itself on quality. The American Society for Quality Control defines quality as “The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”. We have a clear quality statement: “The Bale Group has a clear corporate vision…to be the benchmark company in the Automotive sales & service industry through superior performance demonstrated by:

Living up to its established principles of excellence in Automotive sales & service
Fully satisfying the expectations of its customers
Utilizing all resources productively
Continually improving processes & products
Generating sustained value for customers, employees, and suppliers
Creating an environment of trust, respect, openness, and integrity b
ecause of the needs, values, and expectations of customers are constantly changing and increasingly demanding, there is no acceptable constant level of quality.

Total Quality Management
is defined as “The application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve the process within an organization and exceed customer needs now and in the future”. We accomplish this by incorporating the 6-basic concepts of TQM, which are:

Management commitment
Focus on the customer
Involvement & utilization of the work force
Continuous improvement
Treatment of suppliers
Establish performance measures

A brief history of the Bale Group

The words on the brochures in 1930 convey the same message today:

“The Bale Company is a modern-day motor center — a place where every type of repair and replacement may be secured–a friendly institution where interested executives and sales people will discuss your motoring problems with you.”

In 1929, just months before the stock market crash, Hardin Bale left a 17 year partnership in a Ford dealership to purchase Little Rock’s Chevrolet dealership. Through hard work and dedication to the community and his employees, the dealership survived the Great Depression. His son John Bale, Sr. recalled, “He closed up the place at night and would open it up the next day.”

In a time that tops and windshields were extra equipment, Hardin Bale went the extra mile to teach some of his new car owners how to drive. That dedication to customers has been passed down through four generations of Bale and can still be seen in customer satisfaction today.

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